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Unlock the full potential of your wealth with AHR Group’s expert investment management services. Our experienced investment team provides managed and bespoke solutions tailored to your unique goals and risk tolerance.

Benefit from our smart investing approach to achieve consistent and sustainable financial growth.

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Our Investment Management Services

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Elevate your wealth with the perfect investment plan designed to suit your unique financial objectives.

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Self Investment Managed Investment Portfolio Bespoke Investment Portfolio
Ongoing Investment Portfolio Analysis
Access to Qualified Investment Professionals
Access to a Broader Investment Universe, Including Institutional Access
Risk Managed Analysis
Quarterly Investment Reviews
Performance Reporting
Five Risk-Rated Portfolios, Tailored to Your Investment Goals
Customised to Accommodate Investment Preferences
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AHR Group Model Portfolio Factsheets

Download our latest managed investment service, five risk-rated model portfolio factsheets.

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Portfolio EUR USD GBP
Defensive MPS Defensive Factsheet Q3 2023
Cautious MPS Cautious Factsheet Q3 2023
Balanced MPS Balanced Factsheet Q3 2023
Growth MPS Growth Factsheet Q3 2023
Speculator MPS Speculator Factsheet Q3 2023
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Investment Management FAQs

Investment management is a service that handles your financial assets and other investments by experienced portfolio managers.

Investment management services will aim to optimise the performance of your investments and reduce risk based on your objectives and risk tolerance.

Managed investment portfolios consist of pre-determined investments that professional portfolio managers manage on your behalf. These portfolios are designed to offer a range of risk levels to suit your investment goals and risk appetite and are typically available in different currencies.

Bespoke investment portfolios, on the other hand, are customised to align with your specific investment goals, risk tolerance, and preferences. For example, you can exclude certain investments, target specific returns, or focus on particular industries or sectors.

We analyse your investment goals, risk tolerance, and investing preferences to identify the most suitable investments for your portfolio.

Our investment team will then consider a multitude of investment options, such as stocks, bonds, and funds, based on their historical performance, risk factors, and growth potential to ensure your bespoke investment portfolio meets your needs.

We use several performance metrics to evaluate your investment portfolio, including return on investment, volatility, and market correlation.

We provide regular updates on your portfolio’s performance. You can access your portfolio’s performance metrics anytime through our secure online platform.

The frequency of updates depends on your preferences, but we typically provide quarterly or annual performance reports.