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Discover Your Pension Transfer Options as an Expat

Our pension transfer services specialise in helping both British and American expats transfer their pensions to a range of options, including SIPPs, QROPS, QNUPS, Superannuations, 401(k) Rollovers & Transfers and IRA Rollovers & Transfers.

Whether you have a defined benefit, defined contribution or workplace pension, one of our pension specialists can provide the relevant cross-border pension analysis and advice, including personalised recommendations to help you maximise your pension benefits.

Due to the regulatory nature of advice in certain countries, referrals are made to specifically regulated specialists to provide additional guidance in conjunction with an overall strategy. Discover your pension options now with a complimentary pension review.

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Why AHR Group?

British Expat Specialists

We are a financial advisory service that specialises in serving British expats. We offer a range of financial services, including defined benefit and defined contribution pension transfers specifically tailored to the needs of British expats.

Our advisers have extensive experience and expertise working with clients living abroad. They can guide you on financial issues unique to expat life, such as pension transfers, cross-border tax implications, and estate planning.

Our advisers are experienced working cross-border, guaranteeing that we satisfy both countries’ legislation and that you won’t invoke unnecessary tax penalties.

By focusing on British expats’ financial needs, we offer specialised, personalised advice to help our clients achieve their financial goals.

Dedicated Pension Transfer Specialist Advisers

As a client of AHR Group, you will be assigned one of our specialist relationship managers, who will in turn refer you to a dedicated pension transfer specialist adviser from our external panel. There are several benefits to working with one of these advisers:


Our panel of external pension transfer specialists operate the Gold Standard of Pension Transfer Advice in the UK, under the regulation of the Financial Conduct Authority.


Your relationship manager will assist in managing the commutation and flow of information between yourself and the FCA pension transfer specialist.


In addition to your dedicated adviser, you will also have access to AHR Group. This will future-proof your private wealth as you can access the full spectrum of our financial, tax and estate planning expertise.

Fully Licensed and Regulated

We welcome and acknowledge the importance of stringent regulation and licensing in the financial advice sector. Our advisers are fully licensed and regulated to provide industry-leading, trustworthy guidance to our clients.

We also actively work with regulators to ensure that our service is compliant and tailored to best suit the interests of our clients.

Fully Transparent Fees

At AHR Group, we believe in complete transparency regarding our fees. When managing your financial future, we understand that you want to know precisely what you are paying for. That’s why we clearly outline our fees upfront and explain what each fee covers.

One of the main benefits of transparent fees is that it allows you to make informed decisions about your financial planning. When you know precisely what you are paying for, you can decide whether the services offered are worth the cost.

This level of transparency also helps to build trust between you and your financial adviser. As a result, you can be confident that you are not being taken advantage of or overcharged.

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Pension Transfer FAQs

Yes, as a British expat living abroad, you can transfer your UK pension to an international or personal pension scheme in your new country of residence.

However, it is essential to consider the potential benefits, risks, and implications of such a transfer and seek professional advice to make an informed decision.

Transferring your UK pension as a British expat can offer several benefits. It gives you greater control and flexibility over your pension funds, allowing you to choose investments that align with your financial goals. It can also consolidate multiple pensions into a single, easily manageable account.

Additionally, transferring may offer access to a broader range of investment options and the potential for increased growth. However, evaluating the specific benefits based on your circumstances and consulting with a qualified financial advisor is essential.

Several pension types can be transferred. These include:

  • Defined benefit pensions (final salary pensions)
  • Defined contribution pensions (such as workplace pensions or personal pensions)
  • Self-invested personal pensions (SIPPs).

However, not all pensions are eligible for transfer, and the suitability of a transfer depends on factors such as the specific scheme rules, your circumstances, and regulatory requirements.

Seeking professional advice is crucial to determine the transferability of your particular pension.

Deciding if a pension transfer suits you requires careful consideration and personalised advice. Factors to evaluate include:

  • Your financial goals.
  • Risk tolerance.
  • The benefits and guarantees of your current pension.
  • Potential tax implications.
  • Your circumstances.

Seeking guidance from a qualified pension advisor specialising in UK pension transfers for British expats can help you assess your options and make an informed decision tailored to your needs.

There can be tax implications when transferring a UK pension as a British expat. The tax treatment depends on various factors, such as the country of residence, the tax laws and regulations in the UK and the destination country, and the type of pension being transferred.

It is crucial to seek professional advice from tax experts who have expertise in cross-border pension transfers to understand the potential tax implications specific to your situation. This will help you make well-informed decisions and navigate any tax considerations effectively.