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Financial planning can be overwhelming, especially with complex cross-border advice on pensions, tax, property, and retirement planning. Our financial advice guides, written by our industry-leading financial advisors, provide expert insights and strategies to help you navigate these crucial areas and secure your financial future.


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The 2023 Expat Guide to UK Property Investing

Whether you're looking to retire or make your money work harder, the UK property market is a strong investment option for British expats.

With the pound value continuing to fall, in the last year alone, British expats can expect a real-term 10% discount on property, making the UK market the perfect investment.

You will Learn:

  • Why now is the best time to buy a UK property.
  • 5 benefits of buying UK property as a British expat.
  • The advantages of property leverage.
  • Why property is an excellent investment during high inflation.
  • The critical factors that contribute to becoming a successful property investor.
| Ahr Group

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