Press Release

AHR Launches : A Resource for British Expats

20 - 09 - 2023

Dubai, UAE – AHR, a leading provider of financial, tax, and estate planning services, proudly announces the launch of The new website aims to empower British expats by providing them with valuable resources and expert support across financial planning, retirement planning, property investing, tax, and estate planning.

Recognising the challenges faced by British expats in managing their assets and overall financial well-being, AHR has developed as an information destination tailored to their specific needs. The website seeks to educate and equip British expats with the knowledge to make informed decisions about their financial future.

According to William Burrows, Group Managing Director at AHR Group, “We are excited to launch, which serves as a dedicated platform for British expats seeking reliable financial guidance. Our goal is to provide comprehensive support, empowering individuals to navigate the complexities of cross-border financial management confidently.”

Visitors to will gain access to a wide range of free educational materials, expert articles, case studies, and interactive tools, enabling them to navigate the complexities of cross-border financial management successfully. The website aims to bridge the gap between British expats and the often misunderstood realm of offshore financial advisory.

“Our mission at AHR Group is to provide British expats with the resources they need to make confident financial decisions,” added Daniel Dickinson. “With, we are creating a comprehensive platform that addresses the unique challenges faced by British expats and offers them transparent insights and upfront value.”

AHR Group aims to dispel negative stereotypes associated with offshore financial advisors by offering trustworthy information and personalised client success stories. The website showcases how AHR Group has helped individuals optimise their financial strategies, avoid costly mistakes, and seize opportunities.

AHR Group invites British expats, members of the media, and industry influencers to explore and discover the wealth of information and services available. Together, let us empower the British expat community to make confident and informed decisions for their financial future.