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What is Remote Property Investing: Benefits and Strategy

Published on October 16, 2023 • Last updated on October 16, 2023 • About 8 min. read

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Sam Barrett

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| Ahr Group What is Remote Property Investing

As a property investor that wants to maximise the value of your portfolio, you should consider remote property investing. We explain what remote property investing is and give you five essential tips so you can get the best return on your investment strategy.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the concept and benefits of remote property investing.
  • Learn how technology aids in remote investing.
  • Discover the importance of geographical diversification in property investing.
  • Gain insights into building a team of experts for effective remote property management.
  • Grasp how to shift mindset from home buyer to investor, treating property as an asset for wealth generation.

Opportunities for investing in property remotely have grown significantly in recent years with digital enhancements which offer savvy property investors the opportunity to maximise their return on investment.

The internet has revolutionised the property industry. Many estate agents embrace online platforms, equipping property investors with more information, resources, and potential properties to invest in.

Remote property investing allows investors to purchase and profit from properties regardless of their geographic location.

Unlike traditional property investment, investors can own and earn income from properties without geographical boundaries and still benefit from the same long-term rewards.

Benefits of Remote Property Investing

There is a multitude of benefits for property investors looking to invest remotely:

  • Time and money.
  • Technology.
  • No boundaries.
  • Flexibility.

Time and Money

Because you can buy property anywhere online, investors are no longer restricted to their local market.

This allows you to research the location, property values and conduct market analysis. This will save you time and money and give you a more significant margin for your return on investment.


Modern technology and the emergence of new tools have simplified remote investing, making it easier for you to manage your portfolio:

  • Online property listing platforms are designed for the remote property investor.
  • Advanced photography: Drones, 3D images, and augmented reality put investors at the heart of their investments.
  • Digital services. All contracts can be signed digitally, allowing you to manage your portfolio from anywhere.

No boundaries

The internet has allowed property investors to take away geographical boundaries and look further afield than their local market.

Although investors feel more comfortable investing in their local area, investing remotely can prove more viable and result in significantly higher yields than their local area. Find out why location is essential when investing in property.


Remote property investing allows you to diversify your investment portfolio instead of focusing on one area – similar to diversifying a stock portfolio.

The flexibility allows investors to have more options and opportunities compatible with their budget and goals – Learn how understanding what type of investor you are is so important.


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Is Remote Property Investing Right for You?

Whether you’re starting in property investment or already have a property portfolio, remote property investing can work for you.

Anyone can make lucrative investments remotely using the technology and software available to you and fundamentally understand that property investment is a long game.

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Five Tips for Investing in Property Remotely

Investing remotely is a strategy you should be comfortable with. There are far more opportunities to maximise your return when you look further afield than your city or country.

If you’re interested in a property investment remotely, there are five tips you should consider to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible:

  • Harness technology to invest in property remotely.
  • Choose the right property investment strategy.
  • Build a team of reliable industry experts.
  • Treat the property as an asset.
  • Shift your mentality from a home buyer to an investor.

Harness Technology

If you want to reduce the risk whilst maximising the returns of your property portfolio, investing remotely is inevitable.

Currently, building a portfolio remotely has never been more achievable as the global economy has never been better connected.

Through the power of technology, access to data, people, and investment opportunities are all at the click of a button. Use the resources available to you.

Choose the Right Property Investment Strategy

When investing remotely, choosing the right property investment strategy for your circumstances is essential, especially your time management.

You can implement several strategies to make a profit from your property investment. Understanding your strategy and making sure the strategy aligns with your goals before you invest is extremely important if you want to build a successful remote portfolio.

Whatever the strategy, if you are investing remotely, then it should allow you to be more hands-off in the day-to-day running of your portfolio.

Build a Team of Reliable Industry Experts

It is crucial to build a team of industry experts that you trust. In addition, it is vital to make sure you’re working with experienced professionals who understand the dynamics of working with clients that are not based in the areas they are investing in.

Your industry experts should include:

  • Solicitor: Well versed in property conveyancing.
  • Mortgage broker: That understands and has access to mortgage products for overseas investors.
  • Management agent: Who are hands-on with their day-to-day management and reporting of your investment.

Treat Property as an Asset

The most successful remote property investors treat property as an asset. You must remove the emotion and replace it with fundamentals driven by data.

Focus on the fundamentals of why a particular area, house or apartment has the potential to increase in rental and capital value. It can prevent you from overcommitting and overpaying – allowing you to analyse the potential returns versus other investment opportunities.

Remember, this is not somewhere that you were going to live. Instead, it is an asset that you believe will increase your wealth over time.

Shift Your Mentality From a Home Buyer to an Investor

When investing overseas, you need to shift your mentality from a home buyer to an investor.

If you think about the property you live in now, whether you own or rent, you would have chosen that property because you could see yourself living there.

Therefore, you must change your mindset to view property investment potential for your target demographic. Would it appeal to them? This is hard, as the properties that you buy to live in are usually dictated by emotion.

If you can identify a property that someone based in the area would want to live in, you give yourself the best chance for future rental and capital growth.

Key Takeaway

Remote property investing opens up a world of opportunities and allows for significant returns. This investment approach requires a blend of technology use, strategic planning, expert team building, an analytical mindset towards properties as assets, and a shift in perspective from home buyer to investor.

By integrating these steps, investors can remotely manage their property portfolio, diversify their investments, and ultimately increase their wealth.

The future of property investing is increasingly global, and those prepared to embrace this shift can capitalise on its potential rewards.

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